16 Pinarello Marvel T2 46cm Ultegra Black/Pink

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Easy Fit, here applied to Pinarello's Marvel Ultegra bike is a shout out to those who have trouble finding bikes that fit. Trouble that comes from being on the shorter side of the height spectrum. Nothing wrong with being short; some manufacturers just don't know how to design for smaller folks. Pinarello does, and they call attention to it with the Easy Fit designation.

Pinarello brought the Marvel out as a bike accessible to more riders thanks to the use of 30HM12K carbon-fiber, a more economical way to build. The mold itself comes from Pinarello's recently-departed Paris: they already covered the cost of tooling with the development of the Paris; now they're maximizing value by taking an established design and fabricating it with more economical carbon plies.

The bike, as a result, rides like the Paris. And one of Pinarello's calling cards is ride quality. The wavy fork and stays eat up vibrations while the asymmetric tube shapes keeps everything moving forward with no wasted energy. You'll ride easy and fast as a result.

This complete bike is built with heavy reliance on the Shimano Ultegra 6800 component group. Ultegra's eleven-speed shifters are functionally identical to the much-vaunted Dura-Ace 9000 levers. Both are reach-adjustable, with nicely-molded ergonomic carbon levers, and quick engagement. The shifters effortlessly move Ultegra derailleurs over an Ultegra crank, chain, and cassette. Gearing is 52/36 and 11-25, so there's a wide range that is easy for climbing and big enough for racing.

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